These Venetian Plasters are very flexible and can be used to enhance any outdoor and indoor surfaces, including bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens and are especially suitable to decorate architectural details such as cornices, columns etc. They are harder than the natural ones and by polishing some of them with a trowel you can achieve very high shine and perfect smoothness.



Venetian Plaster is an ancient building material which originates with lime and marble. Today, we use plaster with improved durability, safety, consistency and range of colours, adding selected quality ingredients to the original lime and marble mixture. These innovations have extended the possibilities, creating a wealth of options to choose from to make your walls truly magnificent.

There are virtually thousands of design combinations available in any texture, sheen or colour; allowing you to create a unique environment that distinctly represents your own good taste.

Venetian plasters are made from the finest raw materials with the highest environmental standards crafted for interior and exterior use with unmatched beauty, versatility and ease of use for the look you desire. An endless range of textures and colours can be achieved and the final result is always an incredibly hard-wearing and a beautiful surface with natural and elegant finish from soft satin or polished like marble to a rough granular finish. These textured, smooth or translucent surfaces can be as individual as you are, reflecting light and colour and transforming interiors and exteriors as far as you can imagine.

The finishes can be applied to flat or curved surfaces of almost any material used in the construction industry, even wood, metal and paint. The receiving surface should be prepared in same way to that of normal builders finishes prior to decoration. It can be applied to almost any surface - lime, gypsum, plasterboard etc. Venetian plaster is applied in a number of very thin coats, ranging from 1 up to 3 depending on the material its being applied to and the desired finish. Each layer creates a visual texture, the more layers applied, the greater the depth.

Today as a Venetian plaster we define mineral and synthetic, thick wall coatings.              

Acrylic and siloxane based plasters